A Place for Vanishing by Ann Fraistat

A Place for Vanishing by Ann Fraistat

A Place for Vanishing by Ann Fraistat

Vanishing Secrets Revealed

I arrived a bit tardy to the party, but when life gifted me a snow day with no excuses to avoid reading “A Place for Vanishing” by Ann Fraistat, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. For four enchanting hours, I remained almost immobile, immersed in the tale. Following a recent bipolar disorder diagnosis and a life-altering scare, Libby’s world is left in turmoil. In pursuit of a fresh start, her mother relocates Libby and her younger sister Vivi to their ancestral home, a sprawling historical marvel concealing unsettling secrets.

The narrative unfolds with an eerie ambiance, fueled by enigmatic masks in every room and a swarm of insects infesting the ancient structure. What truly unsettles Libby, however, is the town’s collective knowledge, including the mysterious Flynn, about the ominous history of the house, marked by people mysteriously vanishing from its depths.

It becomes evident that something within the house craves attention, yearning to be unleashed, and Libby, Vivi, and their mother stand dangerously close to its dark desires.

A standout element in this book is the portrayal of mental health. Though the author’s sources remain undisclosed in my early copy, the topic is handled with care and honesty. The narrative delves deep into the family’s journey with mental illness, vividly depicting both struggles and triumphs. This exploration of mental health is intricately woven with a sinister undertone, creating a narrative tension that is both compelling and unsettling. While not every decision by Libby’s mother aligned with my preferences, the eventual explanations satisfied my curiosity. I’ve already purchased “What We Harvest,” another book by this author, anticipating another five-star read.

Overall, the writing is exceptional. I felt a sense of foreboding from the outset, and the suspense continued to build. The inclusion of breaks for family bonding and cutesy romance added a delightful touch. Gratitude to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a complimentary digital copy in advance.

A Place for Vanishing by Ann Fraistat

Rating out of 5
Masterpiece of Darkness
Book 11 of 80
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