Last Girl Breathing by Court Stevens

Last Girl Breathing by Court Stevens

Last Girl Breathing by Court Stevens

A Riveting Tale Hindered by Narration

I must express my gratitude to Netgalley and all involved for providing me with the opportunity to experience Last Girl Breathing in audiobook format. As an avid reader, I was drawn to the intriguing concept promised by Court Stevens’ narrative. Regrettably, my journey through this story was significantly impeded by a major drawback—the narration—which ultimately influenced my rating of this otherwise suspenseful tale.

Initially, I approached Last Girl Breathing with the expectation of a quick and engrossing read, but the audiobook format proved to be a double-edged sword. The central issue that marred my overall enjoyment was the narrator’s performance. The audible inhalations and deep breaths became a constant distraction, hindering my ability to fully immerse myself in the narrative. Unfortunately, this detracted from the overall experience and contributed to my decision to rate the book at three stars.

Moving past this hurdle, let me delve into the heart of the story. Last Girl Breathing follows Lucy Michaels, a young woman haunted by the tragic loss of her little brother in a devastating flooding accident. Lucy, who had the capacity to save lives during the incident, finds herself unable to rescue her own sibling. Fast forward to the present, where Lucy is on the cusp of graduating from high school when her stepbrother mysteriously disappears.

Stevens weaves a compelling tale of suspense and secrets, entwined with a significant focus on character development. Lucy, grappling with the burden of her past, becomes a complex protagonist whose journey resonates with the reader. The narrative successfully navigates the intricate web of mystery, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as Lucy confronts her past and unravels the enigma surrounding her stepbrother’s disappearance.

Despite the narratorial setbacks, the strengths of Last Girl Breathing lie in Stevens’ ability to craft a small-town atmosphere with charm and precision. The picturesque description of the setting enhances the overall narrative, creating a vivid backdrop for the unfolding drama. The author’s talent for portraying the nuances of a close-knit community adds depth to the story, making it an engaging exploration of both mystery and the intricacies of human relationships.

Despite my reservations about the audiobook narration, I extend a measure of grace to Court Stevens, offering a two-book allowance before passing a final judgment. I acknowledge that individual preferences play a crucial role in audiobook experiences, and my dissatisfaction with the narrator may not be universally shared.

In conclusion, Last Girl Breathing is a captivating tale marred by a disruptive narration that may deter some listeners. If you can overlook this flaw and appreciate the intricate small-town charm and the author’s skillful character development, then I encourage you to explore the story. Court Stevens has demonstrated storytelling prowess, and I remain open to giving another of her works a chance in the hope of a more seamless and enjoyable listening experience. Click the link below, keeping in mind the potential drawbacks, and embark on this suspenseful journey if the premise intrigues you.

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