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It By Stephen King

It By Stephen King

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As an avid Stephen King enthusiast, I typically immerse myself in “It” every Halloween. However, my annual ritual took an unexpected turn this year as I found myself unable to rate it the usual 5 stars, downgrading to a 3-star review. This marks my 17th reading of the book, and while I can’t deny a certain level of enjoyment, the absence of that profound love leaves me disheartened.

The opening line, “The terror, which would not end for another twenty-eight years–if it ever did end–began, so far as I can tell, with a boat made from a sheet of newspaper floating down a gutter swollen with rain,” once held magical significance for me. This time, however, my initial enthusiasm waned. In a previous review, I defended the book’s vulgar, vile, and horrific elements, asserting that they were integral to the narrative. Surprisingly, as a devoted fan, this is the first year the language didn’t sit well with me. Despite my enduring affection for Stephen King and the story, perhaps a break is in order; skipping a year may reignite my passion.

Let’s focus on the aspects I still cherish. Set in the summer of 1958, seven friends in Derry, Maine, confront a malevolent force preying on children. It manifests as their worst nightmares, often taking the form of a clown. The friends, having escaped It in their youth, reunite 28 years later when ominous events resurface in Derry. A seemingly straightforward incident involving a boy named Adrian Mellon takes a sinister turn with the appearance of a clown and a cloud of balloons.

“It” weaves two narratives simultaneously. One unfolds their childhood, featuring encounters with Pennywise the Clown, struggles with local bullies, and the profound impact of It on their lives. The other chronicles their adult return to Derry, fulfilling a blood-sealed vow made in their youth. Despite their individual success, facing the resurfaced horror proves daunting. Nevertheless, a promise is a promise.

While “It” demands patience initially, it becomes a gripping read once the narrative takes hold. Despite my personal struggle this year, I recommend it to horror enthusiasts. Click the link below and give it a try. I anticipate rediscovering my connection with it in the future.

It By Stephen King

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