Curses and Other Buried Things by Caroline George

Curses and Other Buried Things by Caroline George

Curses and Other Buried Things by Caroline George

Great for Spooky Season

Are you ready for some spine-tingling reads this Spooky Season? Well, let me tell you about a gem I stumbled upon. You see, I have a bit of a book addiction, and sometimes, I pick books solely based on their intriguing covers. This one was a perfect example, and boy, am I glad I did!

Nestled in the heart of the southern U.S., this story takes us on a journey with Susana, a teenager raised in a small rural town where modern excess is but a distant dream. Instead, families toil on their land, barter with neighbors, and live in harmony with the mysterious swamp and its enigmatic inhabitants.

Susana Prather, as she turns eighteen, starts experiencing ominous signs that the ancient curse haunting her family for generations is rearing its sinister head once more. She knows that if she can’t unravel the curse’s secrets, it will slowly erode her sanity until it ultimately claims her life. The catch? The answers lie buried in her family’s history, reachable only through her eerie sleepwalking episodes, which allow her to glimpse the past and the life of Suzanna Yawn. But with this gift comes the perilous proximity to her own demise.

Susana’s dreams offer tantalizing but fragmented glimpses into Suzanna’s dark and tragic existence, a time when law and modern conveniences were but distant notions. The events that unfurl provide poignant insights into the roots of the curse, painted with a raw realism that draws from the annals of history.

This book, my fellow book lovers, had me hooked from the very beginning. It delves into the profound themes of forgiveness and the insidious harm inflicted by bearing grudges against individuals for the actions of their forebears. It masterfully illustrates how fear can create chasms between us and our happiness. The author’s vivid descriptions transported me to this captivating world, where I could almost hear the snap of alligator jaws, feel the blessed relief of cooler night air, and sense Susana’s escalating desperation as the curse tightened its grip.

However, a couple of minor quibbles cropped up along the way. The abundance of firstborn daughters named variations of Susana (Suzanna, Suzannah, Susan, Susie, Susan, and Susana) and Suzanna’s several last names could occasionally be confusing. Additionally, some parts of Susana’s thoughts and love stories felt repetitive.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Netgalley, Caroline George, and the publisher Thomas Nelson (of HarperCollins) for granting me access to this captivating ARC. If you’re ready for a spine-tingling adventure this Spooky Season, don’t miss out. Click the link below to get your own copy of this hauntingly engrossing book!

Curses and Other Buried Things by Caroline George

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