The Dollmaker by Morgan Shamy

The Dollmaker by Morgan Shamy

The Dollmaker by Morgan Shamy

Enchanting Ambitions: A Tale of Murder, Ballet, and Contradictions

I wanted to love this book, as it began with all the elements I enjoy in a compelling story. Set in the early twentieth century, it revolves around a strong, intelligent, and determined woman who refuses to conform to society’s expectations for women. The ballet plays a significant role in the story, for me it adds a bit of beauty between all the bits of darkness. Moreover, the inclusion of a murder mystery element adds an exciting layer to the narrative.

I must commend the author, who is a long-time writer but had taken on their first novel with this effort. Bravo for crafting an entertaining story! Completing a novel is a remarkable achievement that not many accomplish.

However, I must admit that certain aspects of the book didn’t quite work for me. One notable issue is the reliance on unlikely coincidences throughout the plot, which I find somewhat unrealistic. I won’t delve into specific examples to avoid spoilers, but they did affect my enjoyment of the story.

Furthermore, there are some contradictions in the main character’s thoughts and actions. While she appears to be a strong, independent woman breaking societal norms, she occasionally shows excessive concern about how society perceives her. Additionally, there are instances of unrealistic access to crime scenes, two-dimensional characterizations (such as her parents), and reliance on scientifically implausible reactions to certain substances.

The pacing of the plot can be a bit fast and unbelievable at times. For instance, the main character is approached by a wealthy bachelor, still mourning his lost lover, and asked to marry him and assist in solving a serial murder mystery, despite having no experience in crime-solving. This development felt rushed and lacked believability.

In all honesty, this book could be enjoyed as an adult fairytale, considering the presence of typical fairytale elements despite its novel framework. Some settings, especially those beneath the theater, align well with an adult fairytale ambiance. Considering it from both perspectives, as a novel and a fairytale, I would rate it three stars and five stars, respectively.

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The Dollmaker by Morgan Shamy

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