Angeline by Anna Quinn

Angeline by Anna Quinn

Angeline by Anna Quinn


Angeline’s presence will seep into your mind and soul as you turn the pages of this captivating novel. It starts with a slow burn but quickly gains momentum, keeping you engrossed until the powerful ending engulfs you and then gently retreats. The characters are meticulously crafted, and their backgrounds are brilliantly constructed, captivating your attention, and refusing to let go.

The author’s vivid details and descriptions transport you to a small island in the Pacific Northwest, where the air carries a tangy salt scent and the community relies on one another for everything.

Sister Angeline has spent the past seven years at the cloistered convent of the Daughters of Mercy in Chicago. However, when the Archdiocese of Chicago faces financial difficulties, the nuns are forced to find new places to go. Angeline is sent to the Light of the Sea convent on a tiny island, a stark contrast to the bustling noise of Chicago and the life she knew. The nuns on the island have a more laid-back approach, championing marches for good and conducting their own Sunday services.

As Angeline slowly adapts to her new surroundings, she discovers a deep love for these remarkable women and the land that embraces them. This newfound connection grounds her and allows her to confront the haunting memories of losing her family at the age of sixteen, a burden that has weighed heavily on her every single day for the past seven years.

Meanwhile, a storm begins to churn the waters around the island, culminating in a breathtaking conclusion that will leave tears welling in your eyes as miracles unfold before your very eyes.

This book is a truly unique reading experience, unlike anything I have encountered before. It possesses a power, evocativeness, and mastery of writing that gradually draws you in, compelling you to empathize with and alleviate the pain of every character you encounter. I extend my gratitude to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this extraordinary book. 

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Angeline by Anna Quinn


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