Darkness Falls by Robert Bryndza

Darkness Falls by Robert Bryndza

Feels Like Coming Home

 I have read many books by Robert Bryndza and I can say that it always feels like a homecoming. I need to start by praising his Girl in the Ice series because it is one I think everyone should read. However,  I must admit, the more I read from the Kate Marshall series, the more I am enjoying it. Book three now and it is fair to say we have seen our protagonist go on one hell of a journey so far. After the loss of her best friend and neighbor, Kate has thrown herself into her private investigation business full time – well with the small distraction of a bunch of holiday caravans to manage on the side. It’s not been the big earner she may have liked but her latest case, a request to look into the disappearance of a young journalist many years before, looks set to be a really busy one, something she can finally sink her teeth into. Now as readers, we know far more of what is happening than Kate and her partner in crime solving, Tristan, but. whilst we may know the what, we most certainly have no clue as to the who or the why.


What I love about Robert Bryndza’s writing is his ability to create an overwhelming sense of mystery from the start, something he does spectacularly in this book. It keeps you on your toes and keeps you turning pages way past your bedtime.  Even though I did not have all the pieces I knew that something big and important to the plot was coming.  The who done it aspect was fun, as was the character development and the chapters written from the aggressors point of view. 

Did I have a guess  part way through the book as to who the bad guy might be? Honestly  yes, but that for me was half the fun, powering through to the end to see if I was right. It didn’t impact on my enjoyment of the book in the slightest, it drew me in more.


Pace in the book is spot on, with the flow of the narrative ebbing and flowing much as the investigation does.This was another top class, mystery read that had me powering through the pages. With brilliant characterization, tension oozing from the pages and writing which really evokes emotion and the stark contrasts of the setting, it’s definitely recommended. Fans of the series and of the author’s writing will eat it up.

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Darkness Falls by Robert Bryndza

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