A Feather So Black by Lyra Selene

A Feather So Black by Lyra Selene

Beautifully Retold

Immersed in a captivating blend of Romance, Fantasy, and retellings, Lyra Selene’s “A Feather So Black” has become a delightful discovery for me. The novel intricately weaves the timeless tale of the Swan Princess with a fresh perspective, narrated through the lens of a changeling Fae navigating the mortal world. While the narrative introduces characters that evoke genuine disdain, it is precisely this complexity that adds depth to the story.

Selene masterfully explores the theme of balance, depicting the poignant struggle that ensues when equilibrium is disrupted. The protagonist, Fia, grapples with the conflicting forces of her innate nature and her upbringing, a conflict that tugs at the heartstrings. Moreover, the exploration of her intricate relationships adds another layer of intrigue to the narrative.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the book is its alignment with the phases of the moon. Divided into sections corresponding to each lunar cycle, with distinct names and attributes assigned to them, the story unfolds primarily during the full moon of each month. This framework not only adds a unique dimension to the storytelling but also underscores the significance of celestial rhythms within the Fae realm. Additionally, the inclusion of excerpts from Fae poetry preceding each section enhances the immersive experience for readers.

Beyond its captivating narrative, “A Feather So Black” boasts stunning cover art that invites deeper exploration with its intricate details. As the first installment in a series, the novel leaves readers eager for more, hinting at a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be unveiled. While it concludes satisfactorily, the promise of further adventures ensures that the journey is far from over

Thank you Netgalley for my eARC of this book 4 stars are a must for this one.

A Feather So Black by Lyra Selene

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