The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

Childs Play

In my quest to tackle all the books gifted to me this year, I recently delved into a compelling narrative courtesy of my secret Santa. Apologies for the delay in sharing my thoughts; it took some time to gather my emotions post-read. Let me dive into the story now.

“Christopher and Hannah” centers on a couple yearning for parenthood. Their lives take a dramatic turn when they encounter Janie, a neglected child in need of care. Despite warnings about Janie’s troubled past, Christopher’s unwavering affection blinds him to the potential dangers, while Hannah grapples with stark realism. The narrative unfolds through alternating viewpoints, offering insight into the perspectives of Christopher, Hannah, and Piper, Janie’s social worker.

The novel meticulously explores the ramifications of Janie’s traumatic experiences, with Christopher and Hannah seemingly poised to provide the care she needs. However, Christopher’s obliviousness to Hannah’s valid concerns and Janie’s manipulation adds layers of tension and complexity to the narrative.

While the suspense builds gradually, the revelation of the central conflict arrives late, heightening the novel’s chilling atmosphere. Yet, it is precisely this grim subject matter and the discomfort it evokes that hindered my enjoyment, prompting a three-star rating.

Nevertheless, the book’s continuation in a short story format promises a quick yet intriguing follow-up, which I look forward to exploring during my upcoming readathon.

The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

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