Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood

Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood

Beautiful Introduction

Navigating through Booktok and watching avid readers on YouTube has acquainted me with numerous authors, and Ali Hazelwood’s name has consistently resonated within these literary circles. Opting to dip my toes into the world of short STEM romcoms, I found myself immersed in the delightful universe of “Under One Roof,” and the decision to explore Hazelwood’s work proved to be immensely gratifying. As I eagerly dive into the second installment of this series, I reflect on the initial encounter with the first book.

“Under One Roof” doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel when it comes to its narrative structure, but the sheer enjoyment I derived from the experience is undeniable. The concoction of a mildly audacious premise, endearing albeit somewhat clueless protagonists, and an abundance of snarky banter contributed to a thoroughly enjoyable reading journey.

Ali Hazelwood’s prowess in crafting banter emerges as a standout feature of her writing. It exudes a certain charm that captivates readers, leaving them eager to savor every witty, humorous, and slightly eccentric exchange. The banter became an integral part of the narrative’s appeal, and I anticipate it will remain a defining aspect of Hazelwood’s literary charm.

The emphasis on STEM females, embodied in the feisty character of Mara, resonated with me. As an environmental engineer, Mara’s clash with her attractive roommate, a high-profile corporate lawyer in the oil industry, provided a comedic backdrop that yielded consistently amusing results.

Novellas, often a genre I approach cautiously due to a fear of unsatisfying brevity, had me initially skeptical. While “Under One Roof” offered an enjoyable storyline, there’s an undeniable sense of yearning for more. The short length leaves an appetite for a deeper exploration of Mara and Liam’s dynamic. Yet, in a peculiar way, this craving for more is a testament to the story’s impact, showcasing its ability to leave readers wanting an extended immersion in its world.

As I reluctantly wipe away the silly smile induced by this delightful book, I can confidently declare it a perfect companion for a relaxing day off. “Under One Roof” has proven to be a serendipitous discovery, and I eagerly anticipate further literary adventures within Ali Hazelwood’s imaginative realm.

Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood

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