The Girl Who Broke the Dark by Evelyn Puerto

The Girl Who Broke the Dark by Evelyn Puerto

The Girl Who Broke the Dark by Evelyn Puerto

Enchanting Fantasy Book

Embarking on the fantastical journey presented by Evelyn Puerto in “The Girl Who Broke the Dark” was a delightful surprise for someone like me, whose reading comfort zone typically resides in the realms of true crime and thrillers. In a year like 2024, where I’ve found solace in cozy reads and fantasies, Puerto’s novel proved to be a source of pure joy.

The story revolves around Princess Eliana of Ymittos, a character wrestling with the desire for autonomy within the confines of her royal lineage. Endowed with formidable magical abilities, Eliana faces the challenge of breaking a century-long curse in the perilous realm of Malkh. The consequences of failure are dire, with the looming threat of empowering Cetus, a formidable necromancer set on casting Ymittos into darkness.

Evelyn Puerto’s narrative skillfully reimagines the classic tale of “Sleeping Beauty” within the shadows of dark fantasy. The story fearlessly delves into grim realities and complex character dynamics. While Eliana’s struggle against societal constraints echoes familiar themes in fantasy literature, her journey becomes a unique exploration of personal growth and rebellion. The magical elements serve as symbols for broader narratives of self-discovery, resonating especially with younger audiences navigating their own paths.

The narrative’s vitality is notably fueled by the compelling antagonist, Cetus, whose nuanced motivations provide a stark contrast to Eliana. While Eliana’s character is relatable, there’s room for deeper exploration. Cetus’s multifaceted nature enriches the storyline and heightens the stakes of Eliana’s mission.

Despite moments of rawness in its delivery, “The Girl Who Broke the Dark” is at its core a captivating blend of adventure, mystique, and the timeless battle between light and darkness. Readers will eagerly anticipate subsequent installments, hoping for further development in Eliana’s character and the fantastical world of Ymittos. Puerto’s novel promises a journey filled with enchantment, peril, and the enduring allure of discovering one’s true power. Having received a copy for an honest opinion, I encourage you to delve into this enchanting tale and discover your own magic within its pages.

The Girl Who Broke the Dark by Evelyn Puerto

Rating out of 5
๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ (Spellbinding Adventure)
Book 9 of 80
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