Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle

Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle

Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle

P. I. Perfection

So, I have to say this book surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. Now do not get me wrong if you have read my reviews then you know I love mysteries so this is not a stretch for me but what is surprising is I read this in one sitting and can see myself going backwards and reading the books between one and seven. This novel starts with Rick waking up in a dark void. Rick was apparently shot in the face at the end of the last novel. The tissue around his optic nerves was damaged and swelled resulting in his blindness. What I loved about this novel is that Rick has a love interest and is not alone. In the first novel Yesterday’s Echo’s I felt so bad Rick because he was so crushed over his wife’s death that he did not really have a love interest but more of a fling. While his girlfriend does split her time between La Jolla and Santa Barbra where she has her business, I felt that their connection was extremely genuine good job Mr. Coyle with that aspect.

The novel starts off with Rick getting a knock at the door from his P.I friend Moira and she asks for assistance on a case that she has been asked to work. Rick is extremely reluctant and even though his P. I. license is good for another year he is unsure if he wants to continue a job in this field. The only reason he agrees to go with Moira is because the case involves his old friend Turk. Moira needs Rick to be there for the initial meeting so that she can get a feel for if Turk is being truthful.

What unfolds after that initial meeting is a great story. Rick and Moira tail Turks girlfriend to see if she is cheating on him and a few days into their investigation the girlfriend is found dead and Turk is in the middle of it all. Along with finding out if Turk in fact killed his girlfriend what I loved about this novel is that Rick was able to find a purpose for himself. Another aspect that is beautifully well written is Rick’s blindness and how it impacts the case. You can really tell that research went into all the details. Like I previously mentioned this is not a standalone novel there are clearly previous plot points weaved into this story but I never once felt lost or confused in the slightest all I felt is that I would enjoy the rest of the previous books. All and all a 4.5 read. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good cop read or a mystery.

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Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle


Rating out of 5
Book One in the Series out of Seven
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