Spare by Prince Harry

Spare by Prince Harry

Spare by Prince Harry

Mixed Opinions on Harry

I had high hopes for this book, genuinely I did. Being an avid reader this year, I wanted to join the chorus of praise surrounding it, but unfortunately, I can’t. I approached the book with an open mind, without any strong preconceptions about Harry and his family drama. My intention was to delve into the real story behind the numerous magazine covers and headlines that I had ignored. It was like embarking on a journey, anticipating a delightful sip of “English Tea.”


However, right from the first chapter, the writing put me off. The author painted a picture of a season caught between winter and spring, where bare trees, soft air, gray skies, and blooming tulips created a beautiful yet melancholic atmosphere. It was an intriguing mix of positives and negatives.


In his own words, Harry portrayed himself as remarkably brave, a quality that typically merits acknowledgment from others. He emphasized his readiness to take action while others hesitated, claiming that he never required a second request to complete a task. It was a bold self-assessment. He even hinted at the possibility of donating organs to his brother if the need arose, a suggestion that might concern his mother. He complained about his brother having a larger room in the castle, better furniture, and how Meghan had to purchase a couch on her credit card from IKEA. These instances raised doubts about his claims of financial disadvantage. The extensive and repetitive pages dedicated to his bravery and exceptional helicopter flying skills felt self-indulgent, as if he had a separate book in mind solely for that topic. Undeniably, this section of the book became tiresome. Consequently, my opinion of Harry as a person did not become favorable after reading this book. Meghan, on the other hand, came across as lovely, but unfortunately, the book did not provide much insight into her character. Ultimately, Harry appeared to be a troubled individual, and I genuinely hope he finds peace in California.

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Spare by Prince Harry

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