Elements of Chemistry: Attraction by Penny Reid

Elements of Chemistry: Attraction by Penny Reid

Elements of Chemistry: Attraction by Penny Reid

Reread Remorse.

Have you ever had regret with a reread? This is the first time I might actually experience it. I picked this book back up again because I wanted to finish the series this year. I gave my original read of this book four stars reading it again I have to bump it down to three. I have devoured a large number of Penny Reid books and loved them. I am not sure why I did not connect with this as much as I did the first time.  Mind you I did devour it in two days so it was still good.  I think where this falls short for me this time is that I needed more.  I love her stories this just felt like ending with a can we get tacos is just so strange. I have read the first three books in this series and hope that rereading to move the story forward is worth it. 

However, parts of my original review still hold true. Katy Parker and Martin Sandeke are the products of wildly intelligent over-achievers. Martin has lacked for nothing but love from his family. Katy is loved, but by parents who have difficulty expressing it. Her mother’s interactions with her are rather over the top. “Topics for discussion ran the gamut of Purchase Request: New Bike, to Family News: Your Grandmother has cancer. … My father and I would submit agenda items to George, my mother’s PA no later than Friday night. A draft agenda would be circulated Saturday afternoon…”

The story starts with our heroine in a cabinet. Hearing something about her lab partner, with whom there is mutual unrecognized chemistry, she is forced out of her comfort zone to take action.  I love the chemistry between the characters and despite the obvious cliffhanger. I need to see what comes after book three.

Elements of Chemistry: Attraction by Penny Reid

Rating out of 5
It Was Good
Book 3 of 1

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