Born of Mist and Legend by Kat Bastion

Born of Mist and Legend by Kat Bastion

Born of Mist and Legend by Kat Bastion

Pleasant Surprise

Have you ever picked up a book that just was not your cup of tea? This was what this book was for me. I picked it up because I am a big fan of Kat Bastion and love her writing style. I have to say that when I started it was not my cup of tea but by the time, I finished it today it was like a treat that I could not get enough of. Born of Mist and Legend is an epic tale that explores the journey of Skorpius and Brigid that are both destined for greatness. For me the word choice and imagery make this an amazing read. I can also say that the ending is something you will never see coming!

Skorpius has a duty to time and an order he must fulfil. There is no halfway with Skorpius and that is one of the aspects of the character that I loved. He must follow the path set before him and nothing can change that. Brigid in comparison is such a strong female that in the beginning I was hoping that the two of them end up together in the first few pages. Brigid like Skorpius knows that there is something she must do that is ingrained in her bones. She cannot change it; she cannot stop it so what she chooses to do is embrace it. What I loved about this book is the journey that transpired for Brigid. Will she fulfill his destiny or will she live a life that is half of what she could do?

What is beautiful is watching Brigid find herself and her path while Skorpius watches over her to make sure everything is as it should be. It shows that we must as people be more aware of the people in our lives and what they add to it. It shows that making mistakes and having people who will love you despite them is a part of life. This entire book had an optimistic feel to it which I loved.

Kat Bastion and the love of her other books is the reason I picked this story up. But the characters and the beautiful descriptions is the reason I stuck with it. The words flow effortlessly off the page making this a joy to read. The only thing I am upset about is not reading the two books that come before this one. I will be adding those to my growing pile of books to read. A five star read all the way for a story that is so outside of my usual read that it made it even more enjoyable.

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Born of Mist and Legend by Kat Bastion

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