Slow Dancing By Stylo Fantome

Slow Dancing By Stylo Fantome

Giving Me the Feels


First, I want to make a confession. I picked this up for two reasons I love all the Stylo Fantome books that I have gotten my hands on so far and I love all shades of the color purple and this cover is stunning. That being said let’s move on and let me tell you how much I love the story. My, oh my, this book is just as sexy and seductive on the dance floor as it is between the sheets. Stylo Fantome has given us something completely new and different in the utterly unpredictable Slow Dancing. I know some people might shy away from a story like this one because of it’s unique dynamic but I loved how it made me think and be more insightful about all the different types of love that is out there. The term Pansexual is defined as not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. It is a term I am very loosely familiar with but the concept added so much more dimension to Woods at least in my opinion. Logan Cassidy was such a sweet yet broken character that I felt as though Woods complemented her beautifully as a person and as a dance partner. I love the color references to how Woods loves and I love that this was not your cookie cutter romance.

 I laughed I cried I was invested and that is all you could want from a story like this. She may like blue and he may like red, but their fabulous purple together became more my favorite color, and it made ME think outside the box. Their slow, seductive dance to love had me questioning everything I thought I knew about sexual preferences and love. It opened my eyes and made me fall madly in love with this passionate couple and unique characters I saw things in a new light. Beneath it all, I learned that “slow dancing” — in every form – is not only a wake-up call, but also seductive foreplay in winning over the heart and body. It was just supposed to be sex for fun between sexy dancer Woods Donahue and ex- dancer-turned-pop star sensation Logan Cassidy on her concert tour. Wasn’t it? Can there even be love between an instant gratification guy who’s sexually attracted to anyone and an insecure woman who feels she’s not enough because of a broken past. If you are scared to love or feel you are unworthy to be loved I encourage you to read this. It’s a beautiful dance crafted with words made to make you fall in love with loving someone for who they are and it’s stunning.

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 Slow Dancing By Stylo Fantome

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