BRAVE by Rose McGowan

BRAVE by Rose McGowan

This is not a usual book. It is highly unusual, and written in a very unusual way. I gave this book five stars because I think it is important and succeeds in a creative, raw, authentic, and real way. I think that any person who actually reads the book will be moved. If you don’t have some kind of emotional reaction to this book go back and reread it you missed the point all together! The author’s style is very emotional, and she writes using lots of anger and crude (but appropriately crude) language in response to what has happened to her. I would encourage any thoughtful person to not dismiss this book because of ignorant (they haven’t read the book) comments others have made. This is a book you the reader have to commit to for you not due to any hype.

In her style of writing, Rose often addresses the reader as “you”; it is a deeply personal book, written directly to the reader, and intended to rouse the reader to action, to encourage them to be brave in their own life. It is a vibrant call to action for both women and men. You will find yourself sad, enraged and examining society and Hollywood norms and society in general.

Rose typically was not listened to, not taken seriously, not respected. For those of us who are female, this may be very familiar to us. She describes how our culture programs us to be pleasant, polite, docile, easily manipulated, and vulnerable to predators.

She had a very difficult young life. She was raised in Italy in the Children of God cult. After describing what she went through–some incredibly horrible things–she compares this religious cult to the “cult of Hollywood”. It’s easy to see the parallels. It causes the reader to thing about how we support Hollywood in unhelpful ways and urges us to be supportive of roles and movies who portray women in ways that are not exploitative. I agree with one reviewer who said that she found “unexpected depth” to this book. I related to so much of what the author wrote and also to the blunt and graphic way she said it. If rape is not a trigger for you, I urge you to give this book a chance. It will not only teach you to stand up taller it will show you that the glamorous life of Hollywood is rather dark and oppressive. I am saddened that so many men in power feel the need to be “Monsters” because they are in positions to get away with it. Truth be told I applaud Rose for standing up for the things she feels she deserves.  Hands down one of the most emotional reads I have ever read. The honesty and raw emotion in these pages are worth every minute you spend

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