Rebirth by Belle Aurora

Rebirth by Belle Aurora

The best kind of slow burn!

I am one of those people who marked their colanders for when this would come out. Then when it finally happened, I had to reread the first two books to get myself back in the mind set to fall in love with Twitch and his family all over again. This was so a punch to the gut but so worth it. So, from one reader to the next here is an ice pack go read this like NOW. It can not be read as a stand alone so do yourself a favor and go purchase, barrow or listen to the other two books first. This was such a slow burn that is worth all the hurt that you will experience. All the feels rushed at me at once and left me with no sleep. Work who needs it? Well I do but hey.  Their story started many moons ago at the age of eight when she took care of a wee boy in the neighbor’s back yard who was hurt and hiding, she fixed him up with a band aid.  It is a messy story with blood sweat and tears but it is their story and if you are a die-hard fan like I am it will be your story.

Twitch was a man of good intentions, stitched together with barbed wire and fueled by raw fury.

The King Pin Twitch presumed dead and his Queen left to raise their son alone. This story is like a beautiful phoenix rising from the ashes. Twitch has been watching and plotting from the shadows on how he can claim his place with his family and friends. Will it be easy? Hell, no if you know Lexi then you know she will make him work hard to claim her this time as he did the first time and you will be clawing your way back with them. I think Belle Aurora you hands down out did yourself with this book. I do not know if there is any book that I have read in 2019 that is more gut wrenching yet enjoyable as this was for me. That being said I want to let everyone know that if all else fails for you in 2019 and the coming new year, if you haven’t read this series you are completely missing out. I have suggested this to so many of my friends that it is not even funny. Some look at me like I am crazy and some give me a high five and become die hard fans of Twitch and Lexi and it is worth every laugh smile and dirty look. I hope this series leaves you all Raw and exposed.

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