Love Me, Love Me Not by, Katherine Debona

Love Me, Love Me Not by, Katherine Debona

Friend or “Frenemy”?

This was one of those books I wish I had gotten around to reading much sooner. If you know me then you know I love a good thriller and this one is different and worth the time. Jane and Elle are best friends who both want the best for each other. Now all grown up, their relationship remains one of the most important parts of their lives. But when Elle takes the man that Jane feels is her soulmate, this shatters their relationship in ways that can never be repaired. But as always, Elle manages to convince Jane to forgive them and Jane becomes even more deeply entangled in Elle’s life in a shocking way. But Elle, who has always had an easy life, has no idea how Jane really feels and Jane has plans to take back what is hers. This book made me ask myself how many times throughout my life have I loved a BFF, but could feel the uneasy vibe of envy trying to claw it’s way out or vice versa did my friends feel that way with me? This book makes you very introspective about life and friendship but it’s one of those books that you can’t put down or really explain to much about in a review without giving too much away. So, I can say two things if you love thrillers and you have time on your hands to give this a try it is definitely worth the time and the energy.

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Love Me, Love Me Not by, Katherine Debona

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